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It’s winter, the darkest time of the year and many people choose to light up their homes and increase the cozy factor with candles. In Sweden alone, approximately 18,000 tons of candles are used per year.

Stearin candles and paraffin candles are different types of candles used for ambience and decoration. They are both made from different types of wax with different properties that may be good to know.


Paraffin candles burn quickly and do not give much light. They also emit a lot of smoke and dust when they are lit, which pollutes the indoor air. Paraffin also releases substances such as toluene and benzene which are carcinogenic. Inhaling the particles that arise from paraffin can be compared to passive smoking.

Stearin candles burn slowly and provide a lot of light. They burn at a higher temperature, which means that combustion is better and that significantly less smoke and dust is emitted.

Why are so many paraffin candles sold?

The price is what clearly differentiates between the candles, and without knowledge it is easy to choose the cheapest option. But maybe it’s worth spending a bit extra on stearin candles.


Let’s have a look at some of the benefits:

  1. Candles emit less smoke and dust than paraffin candles, which is good for indoor air.
  2. Stearin candles provide better light than paraffin candles, which can be good if you want to create a cozy atmosphere or need more lighting.
  3. Stearin candles burn slower than paraffin candles, which means they can last longer and need to be changed less often.
  4. Stearin candles are a better choice for the climate because they are made from renewable raw materials unlike paraffin which is made from fossil raw materials like oil.


With this said, for the best possible indoor climate and environment, choose stearin candles and make sure you have proper ventilation in the property.