Through experiments with technologies, products, services and business models we get involved with different types of users, and we get new experiences and new insights. The ambition is not necessarily to create a new product or service to launch publicly short term. It’s rather to learn, find new perspectives, and challenge existing processes and behaviour. And to find smarter, more sustainable ways of creating a healthier indoor climate for the future.


We believe in open innovation, open source, to share and collaborate. Together we can make it happen! Here you can find some examples of co-creation and collaboration.

Lindab + Mavenoid

“We got in touch with Mavenoid via a matchmaking meeting arranged by Ignite Sweden.” says Nicklas Friberg, Head of Lindab Innovation Hub. We saw an opportunity to improve and simplify support and customer contact when we were planning to launch upgraded functionalities in UltraLink ,he continues.”

Together we implemented Mavenoid in just 6 weeks. A very successful collaboration. “Clear and quick communication. Smooth and quick regarding implementation. We were also awarded Ignite Rapid Rollout 2021 for this, which was a wonderful surprise” says Nicklas Friberg.

If you are curious to read more about this project, visit Mavenoid’s web.

Air2Learn – smart indoor climate at H22

We are all affected by indoor air. In Sweden we spend an average of 90% of our time indoors, whether it is at home, at work, at school or in other places in our everyday lives.

Air quality affects our ability to concentrate and learn, reduces productivity and increases the risk of spreading infection. Children are more sensitive than adults and are greatly affected by the air quality where they are. During H22 City Expo, Lindab will present the Air2Learn project together with Pingday, schools, Skol- & Fritidsförvaltningen and Fastighetsförvaltningen in Helsingborg.

By using smart sensors, temperature and air quality (e.g. carbon dioxide, particles and humidity) is measured, and also how many pupils are in the classroom and whether windows are open or closed. This way, pupils and teachers can learn about the importance of good air quality and how we can create a better indoor climate with simple adjustments.

Quickly and easily we gain insights and get to know new target groups

Using Panelista’s digital service it’s so quick and easy to ask video questions to different types of users and customers. We get a direct channel giving us quick feedback and an opportunity to follow up with more and deeper questions.

We use both what Panelista calls panels and touchpoints. Using panels, we get access to committed users who continuously give us feedback. Perfect for testing new ideas, functions and not least for better understanding of user needs. One of the panels we ran focused on understanding how residents in Helsingborg view indoor air and indoor climate.

With the help of touchpoints, we can ask a question to a user at exactly the right moment. When they use a new feature on our website or in one of our apps, or maybe when they have just placed an order. But we can also place a video question in a physical location using a QR code and explore needs or evaluate an experience.

Watch cool experiments and learn more about air

Together with Vattenhallen Science Center, we have created the Air show. It can be seen at Vattenhallen in Lund but this concept is mobile. Using the ExperimentExpress concept they travel around meeting with 5th and 6th graders in schools in northwestern Skåne.

During this spectacular demonstration you will be asked questions like:
Can you weigh air? How does a tornado occur?

If you want to know more about Vattenhallen’s operations, have a look here.