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Fenix Solar is awarded this year’s innovation prize

Lindab’s Innovation Prize is a prize awarded to a company, individual or organization with local roots, which can demonstrate an innovative and sustainable product or service, with commercial and/or socio-economic potential that can be put into practice.

This year’s winner is Fenix Solar.

Fenix Solar offers a service for monitoring and optimizing solar cells. The idea is to help property owners make optimal use of their solar panels to get payback on their investment while at the same time utilizing as much renewable energy as possible. The business was started in 2020 and is managed by Eric Witt.

“Fun with attention in an otherwise slow industry,” says Eric about receiving the award. “Many people sell solar panels as if they are maintenance-free forever, but that is not the case. We have developed a theoretical model that creates a digital twin of the real panels. Performance can then be compared to see if everything works as it should.”

Nicklas Friberg, responsible for Lindab Innovation Hub, presented the award during a ceremony at Näringslivsfesten in Båstad. “Solar cells have become increasingly popular as an alternative energy source. However, it is difficult for a property owner to know how well the facility is performing. Fenix Solar has focused on using modern technology for digital twins and created a service to monitor and give recommendations about the solar cell system. As a result, property owners can become more sustainable and get real results from their investment”, says Nicklas.

Fenix Solar receives SEK 30,000 as a prize money. It is money that Eric Witt wants to use to invest in development to get better services faster.

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