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Lindab Innovation Hub aims to increase awareness of the effects of indoor climate on our health and drive innovation and future development of products and services. From 2019 until now, Innovation Hub has been run as a parallel organisation to Lindab. The idea was to give Innovation Hub freedom to establish itself and develop without spending too much time coordinating with Lindab’s other operations.

Lindab Innovation Hub has successfully contributed to the launch of several products and services under the Lindab umbrella, such as Ultra BT for demand-controlled ventilation. Coordination with Lindab’s R&D and product organisation has gradually increased, while Lindab’s other operations have gone through a transformation to a more decentralised and innovative way of working. The time has therefore come to include the Innovation Hub in Lindab’s new product organisation, announced in February 2023.

Karel Kleinmond will be responsible for both product development and production of ventilation products, allowing a product to be designed and produced from start to finish. This promotes innovation while improving the conditions for creating sustainable products that consider the entire life cycle. Innovation Hub’s knowledge and working methods fit well into the new product organisation and will therefore be included in the new organisation.

Lindab has for a long time worked at increasing knowledge about the effects of the indoor climate, in close collaboration with Innovation Hub. Innovation Hub’s web and social media channels will be integrated with Lindab’s other channels as the content has become increasingly synchronised.

For questions about the Innovation Hub project, please contact Johan Gunnarsson –