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What is most important to you when choosing a hotel? Is it location? Price? Or do you value a good night’s sleep? Then maybe it’s the bed and pillow type that decides?

Below are the showstoppers amongst residents of Great Britain who travel for business or leisure.

Showstoppers common to both business and leisure travellers:

  • Good value
  • Offers a great night’s sleep
  • Appropriately located hotels
  • Consistent quality and standards
  • Trustworthy
  • Bedrooms that are suitable to relax in
  • Welcoming

Showstoppers just for business travellers

  • Free access to reliable Wi-Fi
  • Bedrooms with up-to-date technology

Showstoppers just for leisure travellers

  • Affordable luxury
Comfortable bed and good sleep

“Offers a great night’s sleep” ends up in second place on the list, but to wake up refreshed and rested is not only about the bed. Air quality, temperature and noise are also factors that play a role. Reading in different forums, you can see that hotel guests also prioritise silence and that you, as a guest, can influence the temperature in your room. But no-one seems to be aware that air quality also has an impact on our sleep.

Choosing a hotel

Have you ever thought about indoor air quality or room temperature when choosing a hotel? Or have you been thinking about it while staying at the hotel?

When booking a hotel, you can make many different choices to maximise the comfort of your stay. But there are currently no indicators linked to air quality or indoor climate. An exception is when traveling to warmer countries – then air conditioning is usually included in the room description. Wouldn’t it be great if, when booking, we could find out if the hotel has ventilation that also allows us to set the temperature in the room ourselves?

In the wake of the pandemic, awareness of indoor air quality, and in some cases even requirements for ventilation, has increased. Good ventilation reduces the risk of spreading a virus indoors. Wouldn’t you feel safer knowing that there is a good ventilation where you will spend the night?